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Elevate Sales Contest 2023

At Wireless Zone®, we are focused on the customer experience and committed to excellence. We want every customer that comes into one of our locations to feel like they have had the best wireless transaction possible! The front-line sales teams have worked hard to perfect the process that will elevate our customers’ shopping experience and we have put them to the test.

This contest had the most elite sales professionals, chosen from 1,300 Wireless Zone® franchise stores and TCC stores, gather in Orlando, Florida. They gave their best positioning statement and expert recommendations to compete for a chance win a seat at the finals and the ultimate victory of a trip of a lifetime.

Patrick Lynch, Managing Partner of Westerly Communications L.L.C., a Wireless Zone® franchisee, emerged victorious as the undisputed winner of the Elevate All-Star Sales Contest.

The Elevate All-Star Sales Contest was a highly competitive event, challenging participants to showcase their proficiency in all three stages of the elevate process: learn, position, and close. Patrick’s submission distinguished itself by seamlessly navigating through these phases, adeptly identifying customer needs, overcoming objections, and ultimately closing sales with finesse.

“We are thrilled to congratulate Patrick on this remarkable achievement. His hard work, dedication, and mastery of the Elevate sales process have set an inspiring example for all of us,” said Neil Ryan, Partner of Eastern Cellular L.L.C., a Wireless Zone® franchisee. “Patrick, we are incredibly proud to have you on our team, and this victory is a well-deserved testament to your excellence.”

Patrick’s success serves as an inspiration to individuals across the Wireless Zone® system to continue striving for excellence in their sales endeavors.  

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