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Nice Try, Scammer! Protect Yourself Against Phishing

Have you heard about phishing? It’s a social engineering scam where attackers deceive people into revealing sensitive information. They do this through sending emails or text messages pretending to be from reputable companies and asking the victim questions about their personal information, like their passwords, bank account info, or credit card numbers.   Examples of […]

Less Worry, More Covered. Get Verizon Mobile Protect.

You’re covered with Verizon Mobile Protect.Get device protection, security and support with Verizon Mobile Protect. Open enrollment ends 4.13.24. Your device is critical. We’ve got you covered. That’s why Verizon Mobile Protect gives you unlimited number of claims, no extra cost cracked screen repair, and Pro On the Go same-day delivery and setup. Plus, you […]

Good News | Q4 2023

At Wireless Zone®, we believe our communities need more than just a wireless retailer and our employees want more than just a job. That’s why we’re committed to making a positive and sustainable impact in the lives of our employees, customers, and communities. During October, November, and December, our employees at Wireless Zone® and TCC […]

Elevate Sales Contest 2023

At Wireless Zone®, we are focused on the customer experience and committed to excellence. We want every customer that comes into one of our locations to feel like they have had the best wireless transaction possible! The front-line sales teams have worked hard to perfect the process that will elevate our customers’ shopping experience and […]

Meet Carol, Our Get10Give10 Winner

Giving back to the local communities where we live and work is the driving force behind our business at Wireless Zone®. We love to give our customers this opportunity as well, which is why we started Get10Give10! Through this program, we randomly select customers and give them $10,000 for themselves, plus they get an additional […]