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Annual Upgrade Program

You may be eligible to upgrade to the newest iPhones at Wireless Zone®.

You qualify for our annual upgrade program if you’ve purchased:

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max

on or before 9/14/23

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Mini

on or before 9/8/22

iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max

on or before 9/23/21

Our annual upgrade program allows you to purchase a new iPhone before you’ve completed paying off your current device. If you have had your device for longer than 30 days and have paid off at least 50%, you can upgrade to a newer eligible iPhone on a device payment agreement.
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Ready to upgrade?

Blue iPhone 15

iPhone 15

Upgrade to the iPhone 15, pay as low as $23.05/mo.

For 36 months. 0% APR.

Grey iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Pro

Upgrade to the iPhone 15 Pro, pay as low as $27.77/mo.

For 36 months. 0% APR.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Upgrade to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, pay as low as $33.33/mo.

For 36 months. 0% APR.

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Annual Upgrade Program

1. You may be able to upgrade your eligible device for a new qualifying device after 30 days provided that you have paid at least 50% of the retail price of your device under the device payment agreement and you return your eligible device to us in good working condition with no significant damage as determined by us.
2. Purchase of a new qualifying device under a new device payment agreement is required. New device purchase is subject to then-available offers and any associated wireless service requirements.
3. Your account must be in good standing and you must satisfy our eligibility requirements for a new device payment agreement.
4. Upon entering a device payment agreement for a new qualifying device, and after returning your eligible device to us within 14 days, we agree, for your benefit and for the express benefit of any assignee of your original device payment agreement, to acquire your eligible device for the remaining balance of your original device payment agreement and pay off and settle that remaining balance. After we do that, your only remaining obligations will be under the new device payment agreement and for associated wireless service.

5. If you do not return your eligible device when upgrading, or if it is not returned to us in good working condition, in each case the remaining balance under your original device payment agreement will be due on your next bill. Good working condition requires, among other things, that your returned device powers on and off, does not have a cracked screen, has no significant damage as determined by Verizon, and has all password-protected security features (e.g., Find My iPhone) turned off.
6. The early upgrade program and these terms and conditions may be modified or terminated by us at any time. Your upgrade eligibility will be determined in the sole discretion of Verizon. If the early upgrade program is terminated or these terms and conditions are not satisfied, you will remain responsible for the remaining balance due under your original device payment agreement.
iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

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