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How To Take a Great Selfie

With our smartphones these days, we are basically carrying around a professional camera at all times! But despite the great equipment and front camera, sometimes taking a flattering photo of yourself seems like an impossible feat.

The Lighting

Finding a good balance of lighting is one of the most important things that make any photo -selfie or not- look good and can enhance any photograph. Look for lighting that’s not too harsh or too dull. Photographers often try to shoot during “golden hour,” the time shortly after sunrise or right before sunset. This is because the sun is a bit softer than other times of day when the sun is higher in the sky. No matter the lighting you’re working with, for best results, always stand toward the light. Standing with the light source to your back will result in the background getting overexposed. If possible, try to keep the light source at nose or eye level. This will create the most flattering shadows on your face.

Pro tip: Have a friend standing behind the camera turn on their phone flashlight to light you while you snap a selfie!


Try using self-timer when snapping a selfie. A 3-second delay will give you just enough time to get into a natural looking pose.

Try Some Poses

Experiment with poses and angles! Tilt your head a bit or tilt your phone when taking the photo for a more interesting effect. Do you have a “good side” of your face? Turn your preferred side slightly toward the camera. You can also try out some poses. Try out resting your cheek on a hand or using your hand to play with your hair. Scroll through Instagram for pose inspiration and test out a few! TikTok also has plenty of videos where experts teach you how to look confident in front of the camera.

Pro tip: No matter what pose you decide to do, make sure you’re looking at the camera lens and not yourself on the screen!

The best tip for looking great in a selfie is to be yourself in front of the camera! Keep practicing and you’ll feel more confident, which will definitely reflect on-screen.

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