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Tech Tips

Enhance Your Communication with Verizon’s Second Number Feature

In the modern world, communication is key, whether it’s for business or your personal life. However, things can get messy if you start mixing the two. This is where Verizon’s Second Number feature comes into play, offering a convenient solution to streamline your communication needs. What is Verizon’s Second Number? Verizon’s Second Number lets you […]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Plans

Did you wait a bit too long to put together your Valentine’s Day plans and now you’re scrambling at the last minute? Tech is here to save the day! Your phone is a powerful tool, and paired with Verizon, you have everything you need to make this Valentine’s Day a success. Snag A Reservation for […]

Keep Your Kids Safe with Smart Family

Verizon Smart Family gives you peace of mind while giving your kids some freedom. Smart Family helps you set limits on your kids’ data, block contacts, track their location, and more -all conveniently from one app. Smart Family Make sure your kids are staying safe online and monitor their activity. $4.99/mo Plus taxes & fees. […]

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How To Take a Great Selfie

With our smartphones these days, we are basically carrying around a professional camera at all times! But despite the great equipment and front camera, sometimes taking a flattering photo of yourself seems like an impossible feat. The Lighting Finding a good balance of lighting is one of the most important things that make any photo […]