National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week and Beyond: How You Can Give Back from Home

April 19 – 25 is National Volunteer Week, but we’re celebrating it a little differently this year. However, there are still plenty of ways you can use your skills for good and get involved without leaving your couch (this week and beyond). Virtual Volunteer Opportunities Browse virtual volunteer opportunities that help nonprofits with Catchafire. The organization even lets you sort to assist nonprofits directly impacted by COVID-19. Check out other volunteer opportunities near you with […]

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Earth Day

How To Celebrate Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary

It’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day today, April 22, 2020. This year’s theme is “24 hours of action.” The goal is to drive actions big and small, give diverse voices a platform, and demand bold action for people and the planet. Even though this year is a bit different from past Earth Day celebrations, there is still plenty you can do to help make our world a little better. What You Can Do for […]

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Man experiencing the world by staying at home. He is admiring a beautiful sunset.

Experience the World While Staying at Home

Now that social distancing is our reality and we’re spending a lot more time at home, it’s easy to go a little stir crazy. Even for the ultimate homebody, there’s a big difference between not wanting to go out and not being able to go out. However, in these unprecedented times, and thanks to the internet, people and businesses around the globe are coming together to offer entertainment and learning experiences that you might not […]

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How To Efficiently Spring Clean

The first day of spring probably felt a little different this year with so many of us practicing social distancing. However, this extra time and desire to be active may have you feeling extra motivated to give your house the thorough deep spring clean it’s been needing. Sound daunting? Let’s start small and with your phone. Should I clean my phone? It’s no secret that your phone is dirty. You touch it about 2,000 times […]

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Get Peace of Mind with Verizon Mobile Protect at Wireless Zone®

Let’s face it: Smartphones are an investment and one most of us can’t live without. We also love our headphones, tablets and smartwatches. So, since these devices are an integral part of our very being, it makes sense that we’d want to take care of them the best we can – which means insuring them. That’s where Verizon Mobile Protect comes in, and it’s available at Wireless Zone®, your local Verizon Authorized Retailer. The Verizon […]

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