Wireless Zone® Backpack Giveaway 2021

The Backpack Giveaway event is a favorite amongst our employees and our customers, and it’s a cause that resonates with a lot of people. Each year, it costs more and more money to send one child to school. According to the most recent Huntington Backpack Index, it costs $1,017 to send one child to elementary school, $1,277 to send one child to middle school, and $1,668 to send one child to high school.

When a child shows up to their first day of school with the right supplies, they’ll feel more prepared and confident. We want as many kids as possible to feel ready to take on the school year and achieve great things, which is why we give away these free backpacks and school supplies!

This event is just one of the ways that we give back. We’re proud to support the communities in which we live, work and serve.

We hope to see you at our School Rocks Backpack Giveaway on August 1!

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