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Dive Into Summer – But NOT With Your Phone!

Summer Plans

As our summer this year has been quite different than in previous years, it has made us want vacation time more than ever. Many of us look forward to water-based activities, and while we’re tempted to take our phone underwater to capture the ocean’s beauty while scuba diving, we should really reconsider. People often think it’s okay to take their phone to the maximum amount of meters down it can go to take pictures of fish or snap a selfie, but is this a chance you’d really want to take with your expensive device?

Water and Phones – Not a Good Combination

After all, water and phones should not intentionally mix. Today, water-resistance is an effort made by the manufacturers to keep moisture from entering the shell of the device. However, it does happen and it’s dangerous to the device and valuable data stored on the device due to potential electrical shorts and electromigration causing damage.

Water-resistance protections are also known to decrease in effectiveness over time and with use. This is due to the repeated heating and cooling of the moisture barrier, and because so many functional phones are being used with cracked screens. This means you may not see immediate changes after taking the phone out of the water, but over time the water damage definitely can wear your phone out.

If your phone does go for a swim, there are things you can do to keep it intact as long as you follow some rules. The first rule is: Do NOT plug it in. The next is: Step away from the rice. And the third: Visit your local Wireless Zone® and ask about Redux.

Redux is Here to Help

The good news is, most of the time, a device not functioning as a result of moisture intrusion can be fully recovered by Redux! Cell phone batteries are usually not powerful enough to cause instant damage, but you never want to plug a wet device into a more powerful wall outlet, as that will decrease the chances of recovery.

“Redux uses a patented vacuum drying process that reduces the amount of heat needed to vaporize and remove moisture trapped within a device. The process measures humidity levels to identify an endpoint and completely dry, and ultimately recover, the device. “


So if you find yourself with a wet device, there’s no reason to panic. Follow the simple rules above and come visit us. Wireless Zone® and Redux are here for you.

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