National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week and Beyond: How You Can Give Back from Home

April 19 – 25 is National Volunteer Week, but we’re celebrating it a little differently this year. However, there are still plenty of ways you can use your skills for good and get involved without leaving your couch (this week and beyond).

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Browse virtual volunteer opportunities that help nonprofits with Catchafire. The organization even lets you sort to assist nonprofits directly impacted by COVID-19.

Check out other volunteer opportunities near you with All For Good here.

And here are some suggestions to help your neighbors, friends, and families from the Corporation for National & Community Service.

Citizen Science

You can help scientists around the country by gathering data for them from your backyard! On eBird, you can share bird sightings to take part in a global effort mapping bird ranges.

Be My Eyes

This app connects blind and low-vision people to sighted volunteers who help them solve tasks. The Be My Eyes app connects the volunteer via video call to help with a wide range of tasks – from checking the expiration date on the milk, to reading instructions, to navigating new surroundings, and more. Lend your sight and join over 3 million volunteers around the world here.

Give Blood

Blood donations are still needed, especially during this time! Contact your local Red Cross to see how you can help.

About National Volunteer Week

This week is to recognize and thank volunteers who support causes they care about. For more details about the week, visit Points of Light.

To see how Wireless Zone gives back to the communities in which we work, live and serve, visit the Wireless Zone Foundation for Giving.

What’s your favorite nonprofit to support? Tell us in the comments!

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